About Point 65 Sweden

BOBLBEE was founded in Sweden in 1997 by Jonas Blanking,  Patrick Bernstein and Sam Bonnier and launched to market in 1998. The brand has created numerous products and collections, which have become iconic, award winning and part of design collections around the world, including prestigious collaborations with market giants such as Nike, Yamaha and Disney.

The core of the iconic BOBLBEE brand is the line of signature hardshell backpacks – the highest rated spine protectors in the world that also protect your gear! These legendary packs & bags are loved worldwide by motorcyclists, photographers, action junkies and adventurers all around the planet.

Our mission is to offer the most innovative, unique and outstanding products.  Welcome to our world, we hope you love our products!


BOBLBEE AUSTRALIA is the official Australian distribution partner for Point 65 Sweden Boblbee. Launched in 2021, Boblbee Australia (ABN 85 629 945 339) is located in Brisbane and is working with numerous retailers throughout Australia to supply the Point 65 Boblbee products.